Identity Theft

At PAFCU, we're committed to protecting your privacy and security. We will never initiate a request for sensitive information from you via e-mail (Social Security Number, Account Number, User ID, Password and/or PIN).

We strongly advise that you never share your personal information with anyone.


  • Delete unknown email messages and don't download attachments or click on links included in the email
  • Do not send personal or financial information via email
  • Make sure that you are on a secure, encrypted website before entering personal or financial information. A secure site is usually designated by the URL beginning with "https" where the "s" stands for secure. Also, look for the closed padlock at the bottom of the screen, which indicates secure.
  • Use anti-virus software on your PC or laptop and keep it updated
  • Add a firewall to your computer especially if you use broadband service

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