Youth Accounts

Kids Are Terrific Savers (KATS)! That's why we created a special KATS account designed for children under the age of 18. This special account only requires a $5.00 share deposit and requires no minimum balance to receive dividends. This account can be connected to our Online Banking, so children can begin watching their money grow immediately!

We have a KAT's certificate, which only requires a $100.00 minimum balance to open. These accounts have been specially designed to teach children the importance of saving and managing money at an early age.


  • For children under 18
  • Earns dividends immediately
  • Smooth transition to a regular savings account at 18
  • Can set up automatic transfers from parents accounts
  • Start saving habits at a young age
  • Offers financial education on how the credit union operates
  • Makes you money
  • Convenient

What is required to open a KATS account?

  • Parent/guardians valid picture Identification card
  • Parent/guardians social security card
  • Child's social security card
  • $5.00 Share deposit
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