Why a Credit Union?

Everyone has a choice when it comes to choosing their banking relationships. Why choose a credit union? A credit union is a member-owned financial institution. They were created by their member-owners and profits are shared amongst the owners. Credit unions focus on social responsibility--people helping people and volunteering in the communities.

Why Peoples Advantage Federal Credit Union?

Why brush your teeth every day? Why put on clothes in the morning? Why have indoor plumbing? Because, IT MAKES SENSE! With personalized solutions, banking with PAFCU makes sense for you!

Over the years, our field of membership has changed drastically, and today we proudly serve several communities in the state of Virginia. With over 8,000 members and 70+ million in assets, our credit union remains strong and aims to provide personalized financial services for you! PAFCU volunteers throughout the community to build relationships and serve the community members!


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Where our mission is to enable the underserved, unbanked, and no credit population to build and fulfill dreams by taking the Peoples "Advantage".